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The CVA instrument
Citizen Values Assessment provides an inventory of the values that people in affected communities associate with their living environment collected through in-depth interviews with individual citizen, and later validated by a survey of a representative sample of the population. The term ‘citizen values’ is interpreted as being the value judgments of individuals about the qualities of their living environment. The living environment comprises the places where people live, travel through, work, or play. The term ‘citizen’ refers to all residents and other users of an area potentially influenced by a planned intervention.

Citizen Values Assessment provides complementary information, additional to expert judgments, providing systematic and representative insight into the values, criteria and impacts from a citizens’ perspective. The outcome of CVA is a professional assessment of actual impacts that may affect the perceived qualities (environmental attributes and sources of annoyance) of the living environment.
Merging Values

General outline of CVA
Selected key values are presented in an assessment framework that is called the Citizen Values Profile. The Citizen Values Profile forms the basis of an assessment by which project alternatives are evaluated. The Citizen Values Profile is translated into evaluation criteria, which are subsequently operationalised by qualitative and quantitative indicators. CVA thus combines a participatory Social Impact Assessment approach investigating subjective value judgments of individual citizens with a technocratic approach using scientifically rigorous and technically sound data.
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Phases of a Citizen Values Assessment study
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