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Citizen Values Assessment is based on the following premises:

1. Decisions about what matters in the environment, and what is studied as part of an EIA, should be based on value orientations that should not come exclusively from technical experts. Local communities are an important reservoir of knowledge, which is based on their use and experience of the local environment and their observations of facilities and infrastructure. Therefore, they can be considered experts in their own right. Citizens’ lived rationalities should be incorporated in EIA, not only by means of public involvement during project planning and the EIA process, but they should also be part of the scope of EIA.

2. Value orientations in impact assessment should be made explicit. Justification and transparency are key indicators of good impact assessment practice.

3. The incorporation of citizen values in EIA improves the rational basis for decision/making. By including CVA in EIA and other policy analysis studies, a broader and more complete overview of the positive and negative impacts of planned interventions is provided by generating additional information on environmental values, potential impacts, and comparison of alternatives.

4. The incorporation of CVA increases the legitimacy of EIA and other policy studies. With CVA, the contribution of citizens´ everyday knowledge to the decision-making process is recognized, especially when complementary to expert judgments, making the process more legitimate from a citizen´s point of view.

5. Citizen values should be incorporated in EIA by using a qualitative phenomenological approach. Citizen Values are best understood with a research approach that respectfully voices citizens’ ways of experiencing their living environment. Such an approach should be included in the process of collecting and analyzing data.
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